We organize fundraising and charitable events of various natures as means to fulfilling the financial needs of the Diocese. These events are intended to be fun and rewarding to the participants, from home or abroad, and the Diocesan community as a whole.

Bishop’s Classic Golf Tournament

A fun, community gathering in the Diocese has taken place every year in this Tournament. Golfers from around New Mexico and even Colorado come to play and visit with the Bishop. Every year the Bishop’s Classic is held in Farmington’s renowned Piñon Hills Golf Course: laughs are spread, awards awarded, gifts given away, including the Bishop’s beef, the hallmark of the event.

Bishop’s Mardi Gras

Education in the Diocese also suffers from financial crisis. Schools are closed, teachers underfunded. Amid the struggle, though, a festive event such as the Mardi Gras brings light to many. This annual celebration is at the same time a major fundraiser for Catholic schools in the Diocese, with dinner, dance, and auction being highlights of the night.

NEXT EVENT: February 22, 2020

V8 For Vocations Raffle

Creativity was much needed when the Diocese was struggling to fund its seminarians. Rev. Matthew Keller came up with the idea of “restoring cars to restore vocations” back in 2014, and has since then raffled off two cars successfully. This becomes the much awaited annual event in the Diocese.

NEXT RAFFLE: June 2, 2018