Donors can support the Foundation through regular donations, gifts of stock, wills, trusts, corporate gifts, annuities, insurance or other assets. Gifts of land or personal property are also accepted.

Wills & Bequest

Do you have a will?

Only half of all Americans have a current will that states how they wish their property to be distributed after their death. A will allows you to direct assets such as stock, cash, retirement funds, land, heirlooms and other property to those you love. A will allows you to leave a lasting legacy to your church and reduce the tax burden on your family.

Without a will, your assets may be distributed by the state according to a formula that may create additional problems for your spouse, children and extended family.

The Catholic Peoples Foundation can help you plan a will or trust that will direct your assets according to your intent. Please contact the Foundation for a list of attorneys who can assist you.