The Role of the Foundation

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup is the poorest diocese in the United States, serving the largest population of Native Americans and Hispanics. Catholic Peoples Foundation has the mission to raise and administer resources to assist the good works within the Diocese. We fund Catholic schools, agencies supporting the poor, scholarships to low-income students, and also the ministries and operating costs of the Diocese itself.

The Catholic Church

Serving the Church

The Foundation supports Catholic values and beliefs.

The Foundation follows Catholic principals and guidelines in managing all investments.

The Diocese of Gallup

Empowering the Diocese

The Foundation allows donors to direct their gifts for the common good of the Diocese and also to specific churches, missions, schools, charities, programs or facilities of the Diocese.

The Foundation provides donors with all available tax benefits in accordance with our non-profit status.

We have over twenty years of experience in managing and investing donor funds.


Prominent Presence in New Mexico and Arizona

and among the native peoples

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup is a multicultural, expansive diocese, comprising 55,000 square miles in Northeastern Arizona and Northwestern New Mexico. The landscape, people, and faith expression within this area are extraordinary and unlike any other diocese in the United States and, perhaps, the world.


faithful Catholics among a total population of 490,000


per capita income per year among the residents


parishes within the Diocesan boundaries


of our neighbors live in poverty—i.e. twice the federal poverty level

Occasions to Support

Bishop's Classic Golf Tournament

Bishop's Classic Golf Tournament

The annual Bishop’s Classic Golf Tournament is where you enjoy a great day of golf, food and fellowship with Bishop Wall.

Bishop's Mardi Gras

Bishop's Mardi Gras

The Foundation holds Mardi Gras dinner, banquet and auction to fundraise for Catholic education in Gallup.

V8 for Vocations

V8 for Vocations

Fr. Matthew Keller had the idea to combine his love of classic cars with his mission to support seminarians. Fr. Keller restores classic cars to support vocations in the Diocese.

Ways to Take Action

Strengthen the poorest diocese in America by donating to the Foundation to support the spiritual, educational and social needs of the Diocese of Gallup.

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